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clevermoon's Journal

A Collection of Writings
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Welcome to clevermoon, the creative art and writing journal of laurainlimbo.

If you already know me from my other personal site, then not much needs to be said here.

If you don't know me but stumble upon this site by accident, then welcome! I hope you'll come over to my personal LJ journal, laurainlimbo, and say hi, so we can get to know each other! I'd love to know who is interested in reading what I've written:)

On here I will be posting a variety of things that I have written, or perhaps things written by others that have meant a lot to me personally. I might even invite some of my friends to post their writings here. This journal will include essays, reviews, poems, short stories, bits of novellas that I'm working on, and perhaps even photos. Some of these may have been written a long time ago. I just want a space where I feel comfortable posting my creative writings and getting feedback. And honest, constructive feedback is always much appreciated!